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What Is Video Mapping, How Can It Help Promote Your Business?

What is Video Mapping, How can it Help Promote Your Business?

What is video mapping and how can it help promote your business?

What is Video Mapping and How can it help Promote Your Business?

Back in September, Google introduced Google Business Photos, a way for businesses to get more exposure with the use of the Google Street View technology. Many people still ask, “What is video mapping and how can we use it to promote our business?” Learning more about this technology could give help you leverage it to grow your business.

What is Video Mapping exactly and How Does it Work?

Now is time to ask, “What is video mapping?” It’s also the time to get started on it, if it fits your business brand. If you would like to get started with this innovative promotional tool you can reach out to one of “Google’s Trusted Photographers”. These photographers (GTPs) are trained, certified and have the necessary equipment to offer services that meet Google’s set requirements – they are specially trained to provide 360-degree interactive panoramas of the interiors of businesses.

First, the business hires (for a few hundred dollars) a Google Trusted Photographer. Then, the photographer will come to your business and spend about one or two hours setting up equipment, preparing and taking photos. The virtual tour will be finalized and the photographer will upload your photos approximately one week later to Google Maps and Google Place. Google will host your virtual tour free of charge and your virtual tour will also appear and stand out more in your local Google searches.

Currently, there are about five GTPs in the Ottawa area, with about 70 across Canada, hundreds in the US, and more in other countries.  The virtual tour can be posted on your website, social media sites, and other places that might fit well with your brand and make business sense. You can also bring in a professional marketer to help coordinate with the photographer, strategically stage the inside of your business for the most effective display, and you’ll have an expert on hand to help you find other ways to maximize using this promotional tool.

How can you use Video Mapping to help grow your business?

There are many marketing tools out there. How do you select the ones that are right for your business? You need to start with a (marketing) plan (with goals, etc…), a realistic budget and timeline – tailored to your business needs. Once armed with this, you can determine what tools would work best for you to reach and attract your target audiences. This is the time to ask what is video mapping and how can you use it. Now that you have a better idea about what this technology is all about, here are 5 ways for you to see how video mapping technology can help your business.

5 Ways Video Mapping can add value to your business

  1. Expand your customer reach beyond your city.
    Studies show that most businesses using this technology are within urban settings.
  2. Showcase your facilities, décor, tone of your business 24/7
    Customers can tour your business at their convenience and get an inside look at what you’re all about that could entice them more to make the visit to see you.
  3. Collaborate with your partners.
    If your business supplies goods to companies, you can subsidize your best clients to get Google’s virtual tour (more business for them will mean more business to you). Associations, you can help support your member organizations to get and use this technology (increasing business to them means more visibility for your industry)
  4. Add an interactive element to your corporate website.
    Websites are moving toward a more interactive environment. Embed your own tour. It’s an effective way for your target audiences to take a real look inside your business and learn more about what makes you different.
  5. Increase search results.
    Your business will get more visibility when your customers actively search for products or services you offer. You can stand out from your competitors that do not offer a virtual tour and will show up more relevantly to local searches. You can introduce your business to the online community and help draw more customers from larger cities to your place of business.

It is an innovative way to get a little more exposure to new markets. If you’re interested, I can help you find your local Google Trusted Photographer and work with you to get the most out of this new online marketing tool, email me at



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  1. Very interesting. I would definitely use the end product on something like this. Google seems to be everywhere these days. They are mapping the Grand Canyon, ski slopes, shopping malls and fly-in communities using different methods of recording.

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