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Utilize content to drive demand: 3 Secret Tools to Create a Great Content Marketing Campaign

Great Content Marketing

Content Marketing Strategy Series-2

Content marketing gives you control
to convey the message, your brand’s role
Write well, educate and inspire
Said right, it’ll spread like wildfire.

Whether you are a marketing communications executive, business owner, or CEO, you know how important a corporate online presence is these days – and the need for great content marketing. You most likely keep your website current and have created some social media personas, but what’s next? Now, it’s time for you to let your content drive demand. A website needs a marketing angle to turn it into a strategic vehicle so it can generate more qualified leads. Use great content marketing as your secret advantage that you can use to help close that deal.

All your social media projects need to be aligned with your business goals and can contribute to what is now called thought leadership.

The Bill Gates quote from 1996 still holds true: ‘Content is King’. DemandGen, a global consulting firm, found that 90% of B2B buying purchases start with content engagement. Executives are strapped for time, so it is important to find a solution for getting the most ROI from these initiatives.

Marketing Solution for Great Content Marketing:

Inbound marketing needs to be deliberate with each and every word you select. Audience engagement and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are areas to consider in your approach. Using traditional and new media techniques together can feed into creating a great content marketing campaign. Whether you live in Ottawa, North America, or anywhere in the world, you can use your inbound marketing campaign to drive more demand for your business.

Here are 3 Secret Tools to get you started on a Great Content Marketing Campaign:

  1. Create Often. Keep your website and online comments current.
    Action to take: Talk to your sales or promotion team and find out what the pain points are of your audience. Consider company or industry news, and customer stories. Tie content to your business and your geographic location. Think about themes or industry trends that can shape your editorial content.
    Secret Advantage: It will entice your audience to return more often.
  2. Write Correctly. This can be under-rated.
    Action to take: Use proper grammar and write in the language of your audience. This can be the winning difference in getting you profitable attention. If you are a building contractor, don’t promote yourself like this (actual company website text): “With the highest quality craftsmanship and great costumer service.We pride our self on making our clients dreams come to life with no detail unturned.With being apart of the Better Business Bureau we stand behind all our work.” [sic] Umm, what exactly is being conveyed here?
    Secret Advantage:  Using proper grammar will increase your SEO results and add credibility to your brand by demonstrating command of the English language (or language used on your website).
  3. Delegate Resources. Are you a Superhero or what some call a content engineer? If not, keep your focus on the top-level work and offload this activity to someone else.
    Action to take: Staying relevant and visible is time consuming and takes skill. Don’t hand this project over to your junior staff person, s/he is probably limited in product and business knowledge, and may not understand the corporate tone of your brand.
    Secret Advantage: To get great content marketing you need to define the business objectives and social tools to use. Keep on course by developing a social media policy and guidelines (and mentor a junior staffer to contribute to this role).

Content Marketing is a hot topic and rightly so. It enables you the supreme opportunity to inform, instruct and demonstrate your expertise while finding new ways to connect and add value to your audience.

You rule: You control the content and it is a smart way to strengthen your brand and drive demand.  Many organizations are starting to partner with external professionals to strengthen their team and keep current on the social marketing front – enabling executives to WOW and stay better connected with stakeholders. You also minimize your internal staff time (and reduce grumbles from some of your staff to write them). Of course, all this starts with developing a realistic social marketing plan in writing. Got one yet?

Want to get inspired to integrate great content marketing into your upcoming campaign? Look for the next article in the Content Marketing Strategy Series -3.

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