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We Think Your Business Could Achieve More

Equip your team with what it takes to reach your marketing goals.

 Expertise and added resources will push you further with greater results.

Infuse Five Process

First, review your historical performance, current marketing practices and ways you interact with clients. Next, internal and external analysis and your competitors.  Then, define goals that fit industry changes and what your clients (really) want.

Strengthen Your Brand

Image. Personality. Look and Feel. Incorporate proven strategies to keep you on top of your client’s mind. Get more value from your website, update it to industry standards, design it towards your specific target audience.

Marketing On-Demand

Increase your marketing performance. Get innovative, custom marketing solutions to fit your specific needs. Take advantage of a marketing executive’s strategic advice and consulting by the hour. Gain valuable insight when you need it.

Website Power

A strong, professional-looking website and online presence propels a business to grow faster. Invest – strategically – to get better results. Updating regularly keeps a business competitive. Do more than your competition. Invest here to take your business to the next level.

Persuasive Writing

Refine your corporate profile. Engage and motivate your audience to respond. Digital marketing, content marketing, business reports, promotions and more. Messages written specifically for your audience: branding, thought leadership, motivation to respond.

Project Success

Complete your project on time and on budget. Strategic consulting with  ongoing communication and measureable success. When you have more projects on the go than resources available. Double down with an experienced professional and a fresh perspective.

“…I also like the fact that you research and plan things to ensure success. The Council and wood industry are fortunate to have you leading important industry events / activities. Your concern with quality and details makes CWC shine and contributes to helping our industry defend wood’s market share and longer term…even increase it!”

Canadian Wood Council

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