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Program Planning And Evaluation: It’s Marketing Check-Up Time

Program Planning and Evaluation: It’s Marketing Check-Up Time

Program planning and evaluation is not a process that is glamorous – but it is necessary. It can reveal ways to become more effective with both your staff and how you operate. Have you had the chance to closely review the success rate of your programs and steps you and your team took to get it all done so far this year?

Look back to the past two years: How have your program planning and evaluation methods changed? What criteria have you monitored over the last 12 months? Have your staff or budgets changed? Significant changes will affect the process and, no doubt, the results. If you are a new or growing business, maybe you cannot see beyond the daily fires you put out.

For long term gains, it is important to understand what activities work and what activities take more of your effort than they’re worth. Are you recording your generated leads? Do you have data on how your leads are gained and which leads are more likely to convert to sales? There are ways to track this information and add more structure to your daily activities. You don’t need Fortune 500 budgets to achieve this. Here are some areas to review for program planning and evaluation:

Six Program Planning and Evaluation Marketing Check-Up Points:

    1. Program Objectives
    2. Program Development Strategies
    3. Marketing/Communications Activities
    4. Outcomes and Results
    5. Cost effectiveness
    6. Impact and end user (customer/member) reviews

It takes someone who is analytical and with experience working in different environments to execute the marketing or business check-up. Sometimes, a senior executive can do this. It could be a senior HR or communications executive. You could also bring in an external communications consultant who could offer the advantage of keeping your staff time free from what is a time-consuming activity. An external professional could also offer objectivity while providing you with insight into how your organization operates differently from others. It’s amazing what a fresh set of eyes can discover! The National Institute of General Medical Sciences understands the value of program planning and evaluation:

“Evaluation should be integral to all aspects of program planning and implementation. It is best to design your program with evaluation in mind, collect data on an ongoing basis and then use these data to improve your program.”

Winning program planning and evaluation procedures are not produced overnight. It is a process that takes due diligence, staff involvement, review of historical data, evaluation of current practices and how these drive your business towards your long term goals. 

Get ahead start on next year: Evaluate your past and current practices and promotional activities. Take what you do, to the next level, redefine your priorities and exceed your goals. Infuse Five believes growing businesses should not be at a disadvantage at driving sales through marketing. We help businesses leverage their staff and refine communications processes to get the most value and long term results.

Be profitable in your marketing.




Marketing strategist and founder of Infuse Five Infuse Five, based in Ottawa, Canada, helps businesses and associations, across North America, grow. Focus is on innovative marketing and communications strategies. Ottawa marketing customized to fit your specific business needs.

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