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Perception Is Reality Marketing

Perception is Reality Marketing

perception is reality marketing

Perception is Reality Marketing

Perception is reality marketing is a psychological approach to managing your brand. When you are selling a product or service it is important to understand this concept. Perceptions by your users and/or buyers is their reality. If you sell a widget and the colour of it is blue but most people see it as green, it would be easier to re-label it as green.

All your effort and money to convince your market that the widget is blue will not be worth it. You may even cause a rebellion from those that vehemently believe it is green. Learning more about the idea behind perception is reality marketing will help you understand what control you do have over how your audience perceives your brand.

The behaviors of your audiences will determine your product’s reality. The perception is usually intangible and out of your control. Branding and strategic branding can play a key role in managing perceptions and keeping your product in the reality that you want to construct around your product’s life.

Every one of the five senses can be twisted to deliver a completely different picture of the world. If by picture we mean sight, sound, smell, taste and texture of things, a troubling conclusion looms. Apart from the very unreliable picture running inside the brain, we have no proof that reality is anything like what we see.
– Deepak Chopra

Would you defend or argue the statement, Perception is Reality?

When I was in university, in a philosophy class, I had one question on an exam. The question was: “Perception is Reality: defend or argue.” I defended that statement, little did I know what effect that philosophy would have on my career.

Make sense? What do you think about perception is reality marketing? Defend or argue.

Be profitable in your marketing.



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