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Ottawa Marketing – Two Ways To Increase Business

Ottawa Marketing – Two Ways to Increase Business

Ottawa Marketing – An objective eye helps boost business

Ottawa Marketing – An objective eye can find solutions right under your nose. Innovative companies are expanding team expertise and diversity of experience by hiring outside its product / service industry.

Case in point: There are advantages to hiring employees who are familiar or work within the same industry. However, there is definite leverage in hiring a professional with diverse experience when you want to add innovation and break the status quo. In return, you benefit from a fresh perspective. Your new addition could add proven strategies from different businesses and can potentially add more diversity, like interests and passions, to your existing team. Companies benefit by adding diversity to teams adding different viewpoints and successful experience to the conversations and business development.

What are your current business challenges or problems you face? Where will you find your next profitable idea?

2 Low Cost Ways to Gain More Business 

1. Educate your staff about your whole business

Ottawa is a diverse city with unique marketing opportunities. Understanding Ottawa’s personality and business landscape can give a company an edge over its competitors. Successful companies hire motivated teams. They understand the importance of continuing professional development. Education is a valuable investment into both your new and existing team members and the undercurrent in helping Businesses thrive.

This starts with onboarding. Educate, or re-educate your staff. Your new employees need to understand your industry through your business lens. This includes identifying, to your team, exactly who is your key target audience and stakeholders as well as clearly outlined goals. Nothing compares to hands-on experience.

Give your staff more exposure to the rest of the business. Sometimes employees, especially long-serving ones, can get ultra-focused on their daily work within their department. Create ways they can share experiences, challenges, achievements with cross-departmental staff. If possible, connect them to be more involved in marketing or communication activities, to give them frontline access to your end users. Cross pollinating your staff can bolster performance as well as feed into long-term gains by adding empathy and collaborative benefits. 

Successful leaders can see the road ahead, plotting benchmarks to hit along the way. Providing opportunities for staff to interact with each other offers insight into how their work affects other areas of business, and potential ventures toward product/service enhancements. It also offers them first-hand knowledge about your target audience which can be a powerful tool for product add-ons and professional development. 

2. Flip your head upside down

Look at your product or service from a different angle. Find new purposes or solve problems for new markets. Ikea hackers do it everyday. A Billy Bookcase flipped sideways can be a useful mudroom organizing bench. What more can you do with your product or service?

Ottawa marketing is unique. The nation’s Capital is fueled with a diverse economy of government, high tech and not-for-profit organizations. Ottawa is a sophisticated city population in terms of education and annual earning. According to the Ottawa Community Foundation, “Among the six largest cities in Canada, Ottawa had the third highest proportion of households with an after-tax income over $100,000 in 2016.” B2B2C marketers are hungry to figure out the best ways to connect with their target audiences. The best plans fully integrate online and offline marketing efforts.

Communicating with your audience in this city is different than in other Canadian cities. Like any potential customers you profile, it’s important to understand them, connect with their pain points and map out what motivates them. You don’t need to buy top-tier marketing software to accomplish this. Instead, start with your in-house team. Strengthen employee loyalty and create a plan to build your internal champions. You can find snackable strategies and basic marketing tools online and as always, there’s an option to reach out to an experienced marketing professional to expedite and help set a plan in motion.

If you’re an Ottawa organization, let me know of a recent, innovative Ottawa marketing activity that proved successful for your business to gain potential inclusion into an upcoming published Business Spotlight blog post.

Be profitable in your marketing.

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Marketing strategist and founder of Infuse Five Infuse Five, based in Ottawa, Canada, helps businesses and associations, across North America, grow. Focus is on innovative marketing and communications strategies. Ottawa marketing customized to fit your specific business needs.

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