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Let Bart Simpson Inspire your Business: Add this tool to inform and attract your audience

Every year organizations redefine their corporate visions and missions. New strategies are formed to support the foundations. Sometimes, as a business, you may be limited in budget or resources to stretch ideas into tangible tactics. Inspiration can derive from anywhere. For B2B businesses, it can even come from a consumer-driven entity. The skill is in taking a nugget of an idea from a successful endeavor then turning it into an innovative communications tool to attract target audiences.

Innovative strategies help organizations gain added attention and generate qualified leads. In today’s example, The Simpson’s TV show has broadcast over 506 episodes, it’s in its twenty-third season and is the longest running American prime time, scripted television series in history.

So, what can you expect to extract from this award-winning series that has absolutely nothing to do with your type of business? Deconstruct the formula and find your angle. One of the most memorable parts of the show is the chalkboard quote at its beginning. Sure, most of the quotes are juvenile and absurd. However, they are memorable and to the point.

How to apply this strategy to your business: Ask your team think and write up ‘quotes’ that reflect your business’s image, personality, mission or vision. Make them positive affirmations. Then apply these quotes in strategic ways. Pepper them into your blog or rotate them on your website. An association may include a PowerPoint slide deck of these running prior to making a presentation. You could add them to invoices, email signatures or other communication vehicles that interact with your target audience.

CableTV has compiled the below comprehensive list of the Bart Simpson 288 chalkboard quotes from the last 20 years of the TV show.  Give it a scan and consider what your business ‘chalkboard quotes’ might look like.

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