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Innovative Associations: How You Can Become One

Innovative Associations: How you can become one

innovative associations

Innovative Associations: How to become one

Innovative associations: Infuse Five is often asked to help its association clients with communication presentation tools or membership driving pieces. What subsequently happens is a whole lot more.

Clients discover how we can take innovative ideas implemented by for-profit companies or other associations then apply them to their own organization – where your projects are based on your specific brand personality and budget. Innovative associations know how it works – integrate successful, proven strategies to your programs.

The value is in learning more about how your association operates and your brand personality. The result? This can produce new ways for your association to gain a greater response from your potential members and can help identify the ways to strengthen the loyalty of your current members.

You do not need to copy the practices of another association that shares your business category to succeed. The real skill is in finding innovative strategies that solve the problem or barrier that your organization faces. These examples can be found almost anywhere. Perhaps, even more importantly, the skill lies in figuring out how to apply a proven method to your organization, that will help reach your strategic goals.

Today’s post by Seth Godin had it right, and innovative associations get it:

<<Innovation is often the act of taking something that worked over there and using it over here. …Your problem, whatever it might be, probably has a solution somewhere in the world. And your organization is probably stuck because they don’t know what to do, and more important, don’t have the guts to do it. [Example] Oh, that’s a fine example of how a company in the hockey stick industry grew, but we make lacrosse sticks. Do you have any case studies of how a lacrosse stick company has succeeded?”>>

Innovative associations understand sometimes you need to take some risks to jump to the next level.

Associations can operate in a fiscally responsible way while adding new ways to address challenges. Be daring and add a little more objectivity to achieve more business. Your five year strategy is a great starting point to lay out the small steps that will lead to greater return.

-Sandra Hamway, marketing strategist and founder of Infuse Five
Infuse Five is dedicated to helping associations and small to medium sized businesses, across North America and globally. We offer business results through innovative marketing communications strategies without the need to hire a full time senior specialist. Want more smart marketing tips? Subscribe to our e-newsletter.



Marketing strategist and founder of Infuse Five Infuse Five, based in Ottawa, Canada, helps businesses and associations, across North America, grow. Focus is on innovative marketing and communications strategies. Ottawa marketing customized to fit your specific business needs.

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