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Get creative with your promotions: Instead of eye candy Restaurant beefs it up with Eye Burger

It’s true. The Netherlands Burger King has gone fashionista using eye shadow to promote its restaurant items to its female audience. This is a new direction for the fast food restaurant.

It matters not what type of business you manage, leveraging high creativity to penetrate a new market can reap great rewards. Just getting the attention in and of itself is valuable free publicity.

In this example, glamming it up definitely targets the fashion-savvy female and it will be interesting to find out how successful this campaign will be in terms of getting women to opt for buying a Burger King burger. Right now, it’s a Public Relations dream; this ad photo is popping up all over the internet.

Have a brand you need to promote? What business challenge are you facing today? Some of the best marketing strategies start from the seed of the challenge and grow to become an exciting new stream of revenue or opportunity.

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