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Compelling Ideas that Add Value to Your Content Marketing Content Marketing Series-3


Compelling Ideas that Add Value to Your Content Marketing Content Marketing Series-3

Stay relevant, be compelling, follow your corporate mission.

Content marketers face a mix of challenges. Get beyond writer’s block and start creating quality content. You will attain more results. Start with a well, thought-out plan and understand the process: Publish. Share. Increase traffic and engage. Convert and gain loyalty. Then, start the process over and publish more to keep your audience engaged.  Strengthen how you communicate with the following:

10 Innovative Ways That Add Value to Your Online Content

1. Go Directly to Your Source. Approach your target audience. Ask your clients some questions, request feedback, find solutions to their current challenges.

2. Teach from Your Mistakes. Everyone makes errors. Take these missteps and turn them into learning lessons for your audience. Chances are they can relate and it can help them to avoid similar pitfalls.

3. Slow and Steady Does Win the Race. Social media is firmly planted and here to stay. Social channel options are overflowing. Don’t just flood the pool, select your resources carefully. Research which networks are most compatible for your business then, share, accordingly.

4. Exercise Regularly. The advice your doctor gives you works here, too. Show your audience that it is worth it for them to stay connected regularly. Work itgive them ongoing quality content and remain active on these sites.

5. Calendar Your Content. Organize what you have to say. Plot out the industry events, upcoming deadlines, trending topics, and other content opportunities relevant to your business. Now, write editorial content that addresses these areas and post them along these timelines.

6. Polish Your Brand. Yes, indeed. How great is it an opportunity to toot your own horn and have people willingly listen? Written correctly and in a non-sales-pitch way, you can project the personality, essence and look and feel of your brand with every stroke of your keyboard through the quality content you produce.

7. Remember Your Home Base. Your website acts as the nucleus of your online activity. It supports your online strategy where people flock to, from your social networks and web sites. Review your content and how you present your brand. Your website should be a living, breathing communications vehicle – update often – not just once or twice a year.

8. Picture is Worth More. Use images to demonstrate your content’s main point. You can add value to your clients by offering them to post a video or action photo on your website. Create an infographic. Add industry event photos. Is someone notable to your industry, members, or supporters who are visiting your office? Take a shot with your smart phone and post it. Show your audience how innovative you can be, in different ways.

9. Develop a Timeline. Does your business have an interesting history? Offer a historical timeline of your organization. Added bonus: the making of the finished snapshot can also engage your staff.

10. Map It. Where are your customers, distributors, sales reps or members located? Design an interesting or interactive map to show off your growth while informing your target audience. Color code it and add depth of information.

Ready to write? Engage and attract quality prospects or your target audience at least a few times per week. Some experts say you need to add content a few times each day. I think it is more effective to create content that has real substance and value to your audience rather than the goal of making sure you get out information more often.

Give your audience some credit, they’ll figure out what is worth their time. Don’t give them a reason to move on to your competitor…What will your next story be about? What other ideas have inspired you?

Infuse Five helps its association and business clients, across North America and globally, inject smart marketing into their programs without the need to hire a full time communications specialist. Learn more about how Infuse Five can help grow your business with more smart marketing tips, subscribe to our e-newsletter.



Marketing strategist and founder of Infuse Five Infuse Five, based in Ottawa, Canada, helps businesses and associations, across North America, grow. Focus is on innovative marketing and communications strategies. Ottawa marketing customized to fit your specific business needs.

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