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Case Study: Angry Birds Brand Takes Wings – set or redefine your strategic goals for success

What is the essence of your brand?
Is your brand expandable?
What kind of depth can your brand reach?

How you envision the future of your brand can help you lay a strategic path towards its success.

The famous Angry Birds video game is a great example of how a small company worked together and stayed focused on their strategic MarCom plan to create a gigantic following then empire from a simple product: a video game. This company is based in Helsinki. However, it could have found the same business success if they were located in Ottawa, New York, Silicon Valley or Peterborough.

This little game, first released in December, 2009 sold more than 5 million dollars in sales one year later. The game was based upon one screen shot image. From that screen shot the developers created the game play while keeping in line with the goals the company set. In this case, the game needed to follow these strategic marketing communications guidelines:

1. How Target Audience will Access it: SmartPhone Touchscreen

2. Growth Potential: Expandable to other platforms

3. Unique Selling Feature: Easy to learn but hard to master

The game went through several renditions before finding a turning point. When the CEO returned from a summer break, he realized the game was not going in the strategic direction that was first set. His fresh perspective drove the team to return to the initial screen shot and reassess what made that image special.

Angry Birds continues to expand its reach through developing the game for different platforms and merchandising products such as t-shirts. They are also developing a theme park, acquired new studios and are now making a movie/cartoon. They just released a Russian debit card that will give discounts to its Angry Birds products.

The maker of Angry Birds, Rovio Entertainment, researched and leveraged their distribution channels. They understood their online market and created an innovative business model. “We saw on the iPhone that paid content works,” Peter Vesterbacka (“Mighty Eagle” head of business development) says. iPhone users are more willing to pay for games then Rovio keeps the game fresh for them with its updates. Rovio understood that paid content did not work for Android users so they generated revenue through advertising.

Like most companies, Rovio had its challenges. There were 51 titles before Angry Birds and this company almost went bankrupt in early 2009.

Profit more by adding more strategy.
For associations, you can review your membership offering and refresh its value to reflect your current audience needs or find new communication channels to reach them. For businesses, take calculated risks. Define your product or service brand clearly (start with your employees) and the path that you want to shape for your brand’s future.

It all starts with your unique brand and how you define the goals that support it. Innovative, strategic ideas are everywhere around us – the skill is in how you can modify a trend or strategy to both reflect your brand and grow your business.

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