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Business Marketing Strategy: host your event better

Business Marketing Strategy: host your event better

Every now and then I come across people who are not fully aware of the role and value of marketing – and how a business marketing strategy can be a powerful tool to gain more business. Sometimes, even corporations lose sight of this. When it’s time to downsize, marketing can be the first on the chopping block.

This seems a little shortsighted to me, since I’ve always believed marketing’s role is to generate quality leads for sales or growth. It is not so surprising when this blurred view comes from a start up or small business. The resources and staff usually do not employ an experienced marketer. This is someone who can show, first-hand, what effective marketing can accomplish. A business marketing strategy is an important part of pulling together a promotions plan that will have lasting results.

Just the other day, the situation presented itself. A potential client, a small business, approached me to help them with hosting a corporate event. As a consultant, one takes a risk to take time (billable time) to meet with people, listen to their situation and goals, and offer some preliminary (free) advice on next or first steps for their marketing initiative. Following this, an experienced consultant will take additional (non-paid) time to do further research and develop a customized quote for services based on a client’s specific needs.

It’s a calculated risk because it is a show of good faith and a way to establish a positive relationship that will be important to a project’s success. So, when it comes to event management and demonstrating value, a business marketing strategy can become even more well hidden in the details. And, with events, the success is all in the details. Sometimes, it helps to provide the potential client with more detail so they can make an informed decision. Other times, it is best to let them find out for themselves.

There are many people who do understand the value of bringing in an expert to help plan, promote, execute and evaluate the success of an event. And, it is an investment. However, often the full range of services that an event planner or marketer has to offer is not realized. Here are a few common misconceptions about the value of a marketer when wearing the ‘event planner’ hat.

Business Marketing Strategy: more value to your events.

Misconception or Truth?

#1. Event services such as designing and printing invitations and arranging catering are items that in-house staff can easily perform.
Answer: Both, sort of.
Yes, in-house staff are capable of writing and sending invitations and selecting food and drink. However, professional businesses who want to step up services and generate more business can hire an expert marketer who is a persuasive writer, aware of the newest trends, and develop tried and true methods, specific to a client’s needs, to gain attention and attract audiences to respond.

#2. In-house staff understand and know the target audience better than any outside marketer could learn in a short time.
Answer: Both, sort of.
Yes, it is an advantage for both the client and marketer to be able to pre-define who exactly a target market is for a business. However, an experienced marketer can offer a fresh perspective, with a trained eye, to identify budding opportunities and ways to address challenges or obstacles that may be hindering you from generating more profit from your current customers. And, ways to get new clients. Expert marketers also understand how to best reach and engage your audiences to respond – they know how to collect the right data and what to do with it. They also have a plan in place to track a project’s success.

#3. Event marketers who never worked in a specific industry cannot be capable of delivering effective results.
Answer: Misconception.
Experienced marketers have helped numerous clients in different industries. This is a huge benefit to clients. Proven innovative techniques and tools can be applied to different industries. A skilled marketer is equipped with years of experience. Ideas, strategies, methods can be applied across industries. Sure, there might be some ‘tweeking’ necessary to adapt to a particular industry, but a new approach could garner industry attention or effectively turn your audiences’ heads with interest and urge them to respond.

Professional marketers who offer event management can take your business up to the next level. Using a business marketing strategy within the details of your event is an investment. It is a chance for you to host a top notch event that will produce effective, lasting results. The value of event management can come down to ‘perception is reality.’ Adding a business marketing strategy to your event can become a powerful tool for your future business endeavors. But, unless you have the opportunity to partner with a professional marketer, you may never perceive it differently.

-Sandra Hamway, marketing strategist and founder of Infuse Five
Infuse Five, based in Ottawa, Canada, is dedicated to helping associations and businesses, across North America and globally. We offer business results through innovative marketing communications strategies without the need to hire a full time senior specialist. Want more smart MarCom tips?  Don’t miss a blog post – Subscribe to this feed – and receive blog posts right away into your email inbox.





Marketing strategist and founder of Infuse Five Infuse Five, based in Ottawa, Canada, helps businesses and associations, across North America, grow. Focus is on innovative marketing and communications strategies. Ottawa marketing customized to fit your specific business needs.

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