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Brand Marketing: What Marketing Without Branding Looks Like

Brand Marketing: What Marketing without Branding looks like

Brand Marketing: What Marketing without Branding looks like


I am in disbelief that this actually happened. Anne of Green Gables, a beloved Canadian children’s book, first published in 1908, took a serious nose dive in its marketing this week. It’s new cover, featuring an older, sexy looking, blonde has replaced the original, redheaded, skinny girl. Anyone who has read the book, or seen the television series, will know how important Anne’s red hair is to its storyline. I won’t even justify needing to explain the new sexy theme. That is just not Anne.

When you have a product or service, a good business will create a mission and vision statement. Your brand marketing should be based on this. This provides the foundation in how your business is run: how you promote and conduct all areas of your corporate entity. It is obvious that what happened with this example is the result of one of these two scenarios.

  1. The publisher did not read the book before determining how best to promote it. (If so, really?)
  2. The publisher read the book, didn’t think it was that significant, and went with the new cover to attract more attention and get more sales (Yes, sexiness sells but this is not a “Honey Boo Boo” drama.)

The book was available on Amazon, but is now listed as out of stock – with no image of the cover shown. There were over 300 reviewers on Amazon rating it one star (out of five). People seem to be outraged about the change and at least it appears that the seller is listening.

Here is the book cover that I remember.

The new cover is a great example of a brand marketing fail. Social media can help strengthen your brand, but the downside is that you have limited control over the direction it takes by your audiences. Email messages can also cause a negative commotion and become a PR nightmare like this classic example .

Organizations that invest with in-house or external marketing or media professionals have the know-how and tools in place to quickly remedy an occasional flub – Remember the American Red Cross DogFish beer tweet?

What brand marketing strategies do you have in place and do they support your corporate mission and vision?





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