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Black Friday comes to Canada – Ready?

Black Friday comes to Canada – Ready?

Associations and small and medium sized businesses: Where is the line that should be drawn for Black Friday and holiday sales and promotion? In the United States, Thanksgiving is today.

Apparently, with Black Friday promotions (biggest sales event of the year for the U.S.) getting more aggressive each year, American consumers are starting to change traditions to keep up with the sales lures. And, Canada isn’t far behind.

Americans are actually starting to take a vacation day from work on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving so they can get to the stores earlier on this holiday. Some families are celebrating Thanksgiving on Wednesday so that they can shop on the Thursday Thanksgiving. This may be consumer (and retailer) driven but it can also affect your business and strategic planning for many organizations.

Canadian retailers are no fools.

They understand Canadians like deals as much as our American neighbours, and they want to minimize the dollar drain down south. Canadian retailers are starting to offer Black Friday sales here to keep the spending on this side of the border. What does that mean for us Canadians?

Look ahead.

I see shifts in vacation day preferences, decreases in business event attendance, travel changes, and new trends in how and when we spend money on larger investment products and services. These shifts can and will affect your association or business in some way.

Plan your business around Black Friday.

For organizations, this can be an important time to revisit your strategic planning of events, reports, and product or service releases. Maybe it means next year you don’t let your business compete with Black Friday. Decide to move your AGM or sales meeting up a week or delay it to early December. Perhaps your business can be aligned with this emerging, thriving event.

There is a cultural transition happening right now. Once your organization recognizes this you will be in a great place to plan ahead. You can then be positioned to adapt with these social and cultural changes rather than follow behind with band-aid solutions.

Take time right now to strategically plan for 2013. This can be an innovative way for you to better connect with your audiences.With change there is opportunity. How will you leverage it?

 -Sandra Hamway, marketing strategist and founder of Infuse Five
Infuse Five, based in Ottawa, Canada, is dedicated to helping associations and businesses, across North America and globally. We offer business results through innovative marketing communications strategies without the need to hire a full time senior specialist. Want more smart MarCom tips?  Don’t miss a blog post – Subscribe to this feed – and receive blog posts right away into your email inbox.



Marketing strategist and founder of Infuse Five Infuse Five, based in Ottawa, Canada, helps businesses and associations, across North America, grow. Focus is on innovative marketing and communications strategies. Ottawa marketing customized to fit your specific business needs.

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