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5 easy Social Media steps to get your business started with Twitter:

Twitter is here to stay with over 300 million users and can become a powerful part of your business marketing and communication mix. What is Twitter? It is a free microblog, or social messaging tool that enables people to stay in touch with each other using short text messages (140 characters, to be exact). Twitter can actually help a small business or an association by its restriction of text content. Business updates and announcements can become more effective using this feature. And, so much more.

A business Tweeter needs to understand and follow the corporate brand – s/he is a brand ambassador. The quality of the posts can help to generate interest and business only if the tweets are engaging. The quality of the posts plays a significant role in Twitter. If it is not interesting enough, or your audience perceives that you are trying to sell directly to them, this can cause negative response, which can have widespread effect and very quickly.

5 easy Social Media steps to get your business started with Twitter:

  1. Set it up. Set up a Twitter account. Here’s an example of how you can use it: For your annual convention, promote your Twitter account ahead of time so that your event participants are aware of your Twitter name and presence, so they can accept the Twitter invitation.
  2. Define objectives. In this same example (in #1) provide objectives and key guidelines for its use to a group of your onsite staff (or committee). Adding competition between staff for generating responses can help boost staff engagement and help to increase responses.
  3. Experiment. Twitter, if used effectively, can be a lucrative area to strengthen your brand and promote your organization, without the added media dollars that traditional media can cost. It is worth investigating. Explore it and find out how your industry partners and competitors are using this medium.
  4. Educate yourself. The Twitter world can seem daunting and overwhelming. There are acronyms (RT= retweet), tools to shorten web links (to save character space), and slang words hashtags (#tag: way to organize your updates for Twitter search engines). However, it is well worth the investment of time – it is not going away. Smart phones have provided a strategic way to reach your audience virtually anywhere (pun intended).
  5. Get started today. The easiest way to enter the Twitter world is to create an account, check out the Twitter help guide for basic information then complete your profile (tip: you might want to set up an alias identity until you have a basic knowledge of how this medium works). Next, explore, add followers, and have some fun with it.

Twitter can be a powerful tool to learn more about the interests of your readers or followers. It has the feature of tracking within it and can give you the opportunity to test business ideas or to gain feedback instantly.

Be innovative: Twitter is just one of many online social networking services out there.



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